mr b# productions, inc. forerunning e-sport & Adventure-sport story telling in film

Never worry about missing your sponsored athlete compete or not getting the film story you need again

You provide the venue. We do everything else. From high level E-Sport competitions and short form Athlete Docs you can use for marketing, to full length television ready product, we are your eyes and ears, producing high caliber, non-stock footage films that communicate real stories of real people so your audience stays engaged. Never worry about missing your sponsored athlete compete or not getting the film you need for your audience from a one time event again. We'll capture the client, the arena or competition so you can rest easy and focus on what you do best. Mr. B Sharp Productions, Inc. is your one-stop, full-service film solution.


There is no stock footage in our arsenal, everything is captured live and on location. Your audience deserves the best. From sound to film, we capture raw, real and relevant stories.


Your audience is sick of the same old film formula. We curate your story so it resonates with a new sound. We idea out your film project so it actually matters to your end user, every time.


Making films from your stories, and your clients, that engage your audience in a way that makes them care and connect. No formulas, everything created new, every single time.


You can’t tell a new story with an old model. E Sports & Adventure Sports stories have forerunners. Reach their core audience with real, relatable and relevant material.

Your Film Stories Become the New Standard.

Sweet, sweet validation

You know your story matters. Let us tell it in a way that proves it.
Full Service? A la Carte? You choose. Idea to Post Production Release...

Mr B# (Mister Be Sharp - it's a music joke thing) Productions, Inc. was the brain child of Nicholas McDonald in 2011. At a ripe young age, Nick left regular school to pursue his first love: film, television and all things media. An Acting SAG member before he turned 18, Nick has run the gamut from Prime Time TV to producing and directing new Industry Standards for E-Sports. He is currently working on Doc projects from as far away as Malawi, Africa. The team at Mr B# Productions, Inc. is committed to bringing you the best in film for E-Sports and Adventure-Sports, including those that feature creative competitors, across all venues.

  • Idea to Implementation Pitches

    Got a client but no hook? We bring fresh eyes to the process, telling your story in a non-formulaic way.

  • Film Scoring?

    We have this music thing. I mean, even the company is named after a music joke - there is no "B Sharp". We can use yours or compose custom in-house.

  • Need an on or off camera host to narrate?

    We're experienced on Camera and off.

  • Post Production Release

    Need us to cross the finish line for you? Happy to. Just let us know where to step on and step off.


We bring the best in equipment and people to make sure your film project is seamless, delivered on time, and on budget.
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The man. Founder. Visionary.
From Super Smash Docs “Nick, who will watch a movie about that….?” to Africa to Doc Film an acclaimed Refugee Camp dance team. Avid sports guy.
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Development Manager
Developer & Coder of all things related to Mr B#. Avid sports of all kinds guy. Married to Karen who can write copy for any story of any kind, any where.
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The Peeps

Actual Industry Expert Friends
Actual friends who are actually experts at stuff like using ladders on mountains to get the shot & knowing the E Sport we are filming. Oh, they know the equipment too.
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Ann & Bobbie

Systems Managers
Ann & Bobbie et al geek out on systems & numbers so we can make amazing. Note to everyone: Ann runs on coffee. Need it yesterday? You have your bribe.

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We tell your story the way it should be told

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